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My name is William Bryant. My mission is to help people realize the natural healing power of their own bodies and to experience the positive impact of true health and wellness.

I remember being ridiculed for dreaming that one day I would become a nurse during my high school and college years. Raised by a family of nurses and spiritual leaders, I was inspired to integrate them both. For the past 25 years, I have been committed to improving the mind, body, and spirit of everyone I encounter. I have done this as a Registered Nurse, Director of Nursing, and currently as a Family Nurse Practitioner. After working as a nurse for fifteen years, I was experiencing similar medical problems as my patients. I was overweight, hypertensive, and diagnosed with high cholesterol. I went from taking two pills a day to needing to take five pills a day to manage these medical problems. One day I had an epiphany and realized I was approaching this the wrong way. What if I changed my diet? What if I exercised? What if I consumed herbs from the earth? What if I meditated? I was determined to consistently do all these things which resulted in me being medication-free for the past five years!

I recognized that my passion is to move beyond simply treating symptoms to preventing illnesses by utilizing spirituality, lifestyle modifications, and self-accountability. I recommitted myself to formal education, seminars, books, journals, and wellness programs to combine Eastern and Western medical philosophies. I have been a Certified Natural Health Professional (CNHP) for the past five years.

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45 minute - 1 hour consultaion cost - $105   

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