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Jeff Cade has been in the Health and Wellness space for over 15 years with a Bachelor of Science degree in Hospitality Management from the University of Houston. He worked in Corporate America for Fortune 500 Companies, while serving in Sales, Food & Beverage Operations, and Dietary & Nutrition to name a few. Jeff also Co-Owned a Healthy Restaurant franchise concept, and later became an award-winning Author of the book: Battleground Cancer-Managing your mental, physical and spiritual well-being for the Fight! Jeff has been on a variety of speaking platforms, radio, podcasts, and a guest on WHPR TV33 in Detroit Michigan. Jeff is continuing his education via the Institute of Integrated Nutrition for further knowledge in health & wellness/holistic care. He’s a High School Varsity tennis coach and has a genuine demeanor and passion for serving others. Finally he’s a loving Husband and Father who wants US to reset, redefine and re-purpose for a health powered Lifestyle!

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45 minute - 1 hour consultaion cost - $105   

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