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Beck's educational background and training include a bachelor's degree in biology and chemistry from Knoxville College as well as advanced studies at Meharry Medical College and Indiana University. Robert studied herbs and nutrition for over a decade at the Fultonia Health Institute under the tutelage of Dr. Alvenia M. Fullton.

 I first met Dr. Alvenia Fulton in 1982 at McCormick Place, and I noticed so many people gathered around Ms. Fulton to talk to her. I was very impressed, and she invited me to her office. After that, we became friends; she educated me, I traveled with her. I am a chemist, and she told me I didn't know anything.

Dick Gregory and I were her students. She worked with stars like Billy D. Williams, Oscar Davis, Ruby Dee and prepared Muhammad Ali for one of his fights. People from all over the world flew in to see her for consultation. I worked with Dr. Fulton for 17 years until her death.

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1. Commit to Get Healthy 12 Week Program Cost: $250.00

The Commit to Get Healthy 12 week program consists of shared research information that can promote a much healthier lifestyle. By utilizing the information and research in the program, many participants have been able to:

  • Commit to positive changes in eating behaviors
  • Commit to a healthy lifestyle
  • Commit to Nutrition Enhancement

From the shared information and research in the program, participants are improving their health conditions in 12 weeks.

2. ACOG Herbal Master Body & Colon Cleanse System: $75.00 (30 day supply)

Product : Whole leaf Aloe Vera Juice Cost: $40.00 Description: A-cog concentrated Whole leaf Aloe Vera Juice offers maximum efficacy by enhancing the natural goodness of Aloe Vera. The A-cog Whole leaf Aloe Vera Juice works to soothe and bathe the stomach and intestinal tract. This product is designed to help the body absorb the vitamins and minerals in the product.

Product : Body and Colon Cleanse Cost $35.00 Description: A-cog Body and Colon Cleanse has been formulated to build the body with over 30 planted- based ingredients that have been known to cleanse the:

  • rejuvenate an build the body
  • stimulate the digestive system
  • aid metabolism
  • suppress appetite
  • eliminate parasites

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