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Nature's Bliss: Organic, Cold Pressed Black Seed Oil

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Black Seed Oil

For thousands of years, people have used black seed oil for its healing properties.
According to studies, this oil may have a variety of health and cosmetic benefits, including weight loss, enhanced skin conditions, and even cancer and diabetes treatment.
In this post, we examine the research behind the advantages of organic black seed oil as well as the side effects and risks.

Black Seed Oil

What is black seed oil, and how does it work?

Black caraway, black cumin, and black onion seeds are all names for black seeds.
For thousands of years, people have used the small black seeds of N. sativa fruits as a natural medicine. In a similar fashion to cumin or oregano, the seeds can be used to spice curries, pickles, and bread.
Thymoquinone, an anti-inflammatory molecule with tumor-fighting potential, is found in black seed oil.
To help the skin, people can buy black seed oil capsule and apply it directly. Massage oils, shampoos, DIY skin-care products, and scents can all benefit from the oil.
Black seed oil of high quality can also be used in cooking, baking, and beverages. For more details visit online black seed oil.

organic black seed oilBlack Seed Capsule

The Advantages of black seed oil

The potential benefits of black seed oil have been studied by scientists from several fields. 

1. Benefits for Weight-loss 
Supplementing with black seed has been found in studies to help people lose weight (BMI). There were no serious negative effects reported by the trial participants after taking this product.

2. Benefits for the skin
Black seed oil may be beneficial for people with the following skin conditions:

  • Eczema: According to a small-scale 2013 study comparing the therapeutic benefits of N. sativa with those of prescription medications, black seed oil can reduce the severity of hand eczema.
  • Acne: Research suggests that the antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effects of black seed oil can improve acne. In one study, 58 percent of participants rated their response to this treatment as good, while 35 percent felt their results were moderate.
  • Psoriasis: A 2012 study on mice suggests that the oil may also have Anti psoriatic benefits.

3.Benefits for Health
Black seed oil may also benefit several diseases of health, including:

  • Cancer
    The thymoquinone in black seed oil has demonstrated recent studies in numerous types of cancer cells to affect the programmed cell death and apoptosis. Brain cancer, breast cancer and Leukemia are among the examples.
  • Kidney and liver function
    According to a 2013 study, black seed oil can help to lessen the consequences of liver and kidney illness as well as improve organ structure.
  • Diabetes
    Black seed oil has anti-diabetic effects and may help to lower blood sugar levels.
  • Infertility
    Black seed oil improved sperm quality and increased sperm count and volume in males with abnormal sperm and infertility, according to a placebo-controlled clinical experiment.
  • Risks and side effects
    Pregnant or breastfeeding women should see their doctor before using black seed oil, as they should with any supplement. Black seed oil can cause digestive issues such as stomach upset, constipation, and vomiting if consumed. 

    Always buy high-quality organic black seed oil that is 100% pure to get the safest and most useful black seed oil.


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