Experts Consultation

Experts Consultation

Erica Pugh

Expertise: Providing mental health services to individuals.

Background Summary: Erica holds a Master's Degree in Juvenile Psychology, as well as a Master's Degree in Counseling. She is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LCPC) in Illinois. Erica has worked for several years in the Social Services field with at-risk youth and has significant experience working in various aspects of the child-welfare system. She has worked as a therapist with youth in the school, home, hospital, community, detention centers, and residential treatment settings. Her passion is to provide services and guidance to youth who have experienced trauma which has interfered with their ability to reach their full potential. She is also a co-founder of Project Prevention.

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Joann Tate

Expertise: Servicing in Healthcare for over 30 years. Last 8 year self study Wholistic healing with herbs massage and sound healing

Background Summary: Hey my name is JoAnn I been in Healthcare for over 30byears from CNA LPN obtained my RN license in 1995. I worked in various areas Labor and Deliveries where I was the baby catcher .in Perinatal services including mother baby and Pediatric with frequent rotation in PSYCH. I start studying herbs independently in 2016 eye was curious to see if the traditional medication can be replaced or at least not the first choice without first applying the wholistic approach .

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Lisia and Kaseem

Expertise: Co-founder at Essential Herbs Chicago

Background Summary: Essential Herbs Chicago is dedicated to providing the world with a healthier lifestyle.

Essential Herbs Chicago learned a lot from families who were raised in the South and only could afford to use herbal remedies. As life went on and ailments including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, anxiety, pre-diabetes & a host of other diseases discomforted us 1st hand, we knew we had to go back to what we had been taught while growing up: herbal remedies. Using the knowledge given to us by our elders and seeking to know more about natural herbs, we received our calling from the Highest via Dr. Sebi to assist the world in living a healthier lifestyle.

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Jeff Cade

Expertise: Healthy Lifestyle & Wellness

Background Summary: Jeff Cade has been in the Health and Wellness space for over 15 years with a Bachelor of Science degree in Hospitality Management from the University of Houston. He worked in Corporate America for Fortune 500 Companies, while serving in Sales, Food & Beverage Operations, and Dietary & Nutrition to name a few. Jeff also Co-Owned a Healthy Restaurant franchise concept, and later became an award-winning Author of the book: Battleground Cancer-Managing your mental, physical and spiritual well-being for the Fight! Jeff has been on a variety of speaking platforms, radio, podcasts, and a guest on WHPR TV33 in Detroit Michigan. Jeff is continuing his education via the Institute of Integrated Nutrition for further knowledge in health & wellness/holistic care. He’s a High School Varsity tennis coach and has a genuine demeanor and passion for serving others. Finally, he’s a loving Husband and Father who wants the US to reset, redefine and re-purpose for a health-powered Lifestyle!

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William Bryant

Expertise: Diabetes, Weight Loss, High Blood Pressure, Heart Disease Management

Background Summary: My name is William Bryant. My mission is to help people realize the natural healing power of their own bodies and to experience the positive impact of true health and wellness.

I remember being ridiculed for dreaming that one day I would become a nurse during my high school and college years. Raised by a family of nurses and spiritual leaders, I was inspired to integrate them both. For the past 25 years, I have been committed to improving the mind, body, and spirit of everyone I encounter. I have done this as a Registered Nurse, Director of Nursing, and currently as a Family Nurse Practitioner. After working as a nurse for fifteen years, I was experiencing similar medical problems as my patients. I was overweight, hypertensive, and diagnosed with high cholesterol. I went from taking two pills a day to needing to take five pills a day to manage these medical problems. One day I had an epiphany and realized I was approaching this the wrong way. What if I changed my diet? What if I exercised? What if I consumed herbs from the earth? What if I meditated? I was determined to consistently do all these things which resulted in me being medication-free for the past five years!

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MsApril Danielle

Expertise: Detoxification, Fasting Protocols & Herbal Remedies

Background Summary: The Naturopathic Momma is inspired by my own mother and children. Life has certified me as a holistic healer and coach through personal experiences with illness. Formal training was done with Dr. Akua and A Life of Peace Wellness Education Institute. My mission is to help families take a holistic approach to health and wellness for the mind, body, and spirit through naturopathic assessments and recommendations.

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Alchemy Answers

Expertise: Cancer, Digestive Health, Reproductive Health, Liver Function, Kidney Function, Eczema, Psoriasis, Vision, Hypertension, Diabetes, Mental Health, Immune System, Autoimmune Response, Inflammation, Metabolism, Obesity, Stroke Recovery, Alcoholism, Pain Reli

Background Summary: As a health consultant specializing in natural healing through plant medicine, I have a proven track record of successfully addressing a wide range of health concerns. I offer comprehensive and tailored solutions to promote holistic well-being. Additionally, my services extend to pet care, for the health and vitality of beloved animal companions through natural remedies and compassionate care.

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