6 Detox Tips to Get Your Energy Back

6 Detox Tips to Get Your Energy Back

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29th August 2022
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6 Detox Tips To Get Your Energy Back

This Cleans detox is to give new life, high energy, and vitality. All while using natural ingredients to give your body a boost and get ready for the day-to-day hustle and activity that comes with being a high performer ad producer. 
Imagine gaining extra energy as you fly around the city with a smile that says, “I feel amazing!”

Start by detoxing your body of toxins. Here are six tips to get your system moving like a machine again. 

1. Detox – Remove Toxins With Herbs 

The lymphatic system should be the key to your detox because its primary function is to carry waste away from the cells and bloodstream to the body’s organs of elimination. Without routine flushing of the lymph system, junk becomes trapped in the body, creating a toxic overload and creating disease. 

Recommended herbs: dandelion (absorbs toxins, stimulates the liver), echinacea (powerful immune stimulant), bladderwrack (has anti-tumor, blood cleansing properties), and burdock root (prevents toxic chemical poisoning). 

2. Cleanse – Purge 

Remove and purge your body of any white sugar processed food products. These include sugar, junk food, fast foods and meat, chemicals, preservatives, and all heated fats and canola oils. 

Drink as much spring water as you can and more for the best detox.  Drink half your body weight in ounces. 

Flush those toxins away! Fresh lemons blended in water early in the morning, beet juice, and apples along with herbs are all great cleanse tactics. Also, try alternating in dandelion tea blend. You may drink this tea at least 3 times each day.. Doing these simple changes can facilitate you to a long-term healthier lifestyle. 

3. Move the body and exercise – Get Moving Daily! 

The worst thing you can do for yourself is NOT to move your body and sit down too long. Movement helps the fluids circulate and removes toxins. 

If you don’t move you can have clogged-up fluids in the body which can affect your heart and lungs. Fast walking, running or even more fun — jumping on a small trampoline could revitalize the lymph nodes, helping them into detox mode and make you feel great. 

4. Digestive – Eat the Right Foods (minerals, and vitamins)

Certain foods assist the body in removing excess water. Spinach is a wonderful source of calcium and it doesn’t cause mucus buildup like dairy milk. And, do yourself a favor by trading in Romaine lettuce for spinach in salads. Apples, celery, beets, lemons, and electric veggies are a must!

5. Lifestyle Changes – Cold Water Therapy 

Alternating warm and cold water in a shower is simple to do. A great way to start is to alternate warm water then cold water for 30 seconds during your daily shower. During weekends to indulge in aromatic bath infusion with essential oils and pink salt. What you are doing is stimulating your body and circulating your lymphatic system. 

6. Avoid negative information, social media, music, and people for 2 full days.

Your future self will thank you.


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